How Long Does Pain Last After Polyp Removal?

Is there pain after polyp removal?

The special cleaning solution, laxatives, and/or enemas often cause discomfort.

During and following the procedure, there is little or no pain.

You may feel pressure, bloating, and/or cramping because of the air passed into the colon.

This discomfort will go away with the passing of gas..

What to expect after having polyps removed?

After Surgery Most patients can go home the same day. You may have increased cramping and vaginal bleeding for a day or two after the procedure. You may experience gas pains for about a day or so due to gas administered during the procedure.

How long does pain last after hysteroscopy?

Your Recovery You may have cramps and vaginal bleeding for several days. If the doctor filled your uterus with air during the procedure, you may have gas pains, a feeling of fullness in your belly, or shoulder pain. These symptoms usually go away in 1 or 2 days.

Is it normal to have abdominal pain 2 days after a colonoscopy?

Belly Pain or Discomfort Your doctor may use air to inflate your colon so they can get a better view. They might use water or a suction device as well as certain surgical tools to take off a polyp. All these things can move and stretch your colon, so you might feel uncomfortable for 1 or 2 days afterward.

How long does it take to heal from polyp removal?

You shouldn’t drive for 24 hours following a polypectomy. Recovery is generally quick. Minor side effects such as gassiness, bloating, and cramps usually resolve within 24 hours. With a more involved procedure, a full recovery can take up to two weeks.

How long will I bleed after polyp removal?

You may have light bleeding immediately after a uterine polyp removal. You may also have discharge for up to 14 days after the treatment. The fluid may be light pink to brown in color. Your menstruation cycle will return as normal after a polypectomy.