Is The R99 Still In Apex?

Is the r99 or r301 better?

R-99 has a lot more recoil and is a lot harder to use at a range because of that.

People are learning to use it better though and to control the recoil even at a distance.

when you re able to do that it makes it more effective that the R-301 because of the higher damage per second output of the R-99..

What happened r99?

For the first time ever, Respawn has decided to remove r99 which was the meta from season 1 from the normal loot table. The decision was made in order to add the volt SMG in the game.

Did the Spitfire get buffed?

The Spitfire buff in Apex Legends Season 6 They reduced the multipliers for the vertical and horizontal recoil to improve gun handling. … The horizontal recoil was buffed a little more than the vertical.” They decided to make the change because controlling horizontal recoil is more challenging.

What’s the best r99 skin?

Top 10 Best R-99 Skins in Apex LegendsThe Alchemist. Golden weapons are few and far between in Apex Legends.Outlands Avalanche. Such a good weapon model, emphasised with a great paint job to boot. … The Problem Solver. … The Kill Switch. … Off the Grid. … Eye of the Storm. … Break the Enemy. … Trial by Fire. … More items…•

Is r99 a good apex?

The R99 fills it’s role perfectly. It excels at it’s ROF, which is what an SMG needs. … The alternator’s rate of fire is bad, as is it’s damage, and the Prowler, if you get the selectfire, instantly becomes the best gun in the game, but it acts at long and short range, so it still doesn’t have as high a rate of fire.

How do you get zero point r99 skin?

Grab the Season 4 Battle Pass, free for all #OAPremier members, and automatically unlock the Legendary Zero Point R99 skin.

Is the r99 going to be a care package weapon?

Getting your hands on the coveted R-99 will be a lot harder in Apex Legends season six. The powerful SMG will become a Care Package weapon in Boosted, with the Devotion replacing it in the regular loot pool.

Did they nerf the r99?

The two best weapons in the game are being knocked down a peg. The two most overpowered weapons in Apex Legends may be taken down a notch.

Did they take the r99 out of Apex?

Shields have been changed dramatically and one of the most powerful and popular weapons, the R99 submachine gun, has been removed from the loot pool and been moved to being a special care-package weapon only.