Question: How Many Heirloom Shards Do You Get Per Pack?

What is the percentage of getting heirloom shards?

a 1 in 500The Heirloom Shards take the guesswork out of it, so you can choose the set you’re truly after for the characters you love to play.

The odds of looting an Heirloom are a 1 in 500 chance, so these are extremely rare to obtain.

A player has an opportunity every 500 Apex Packs to get one..

Can u buy heirloom shards?

You can get heirloom shards by opening apex packs, which are the in-game loot box that offer cosmetic items. … From LVL 305 to 500 and onwards, gamers get one apex pack every five levels. By buying apex packs: Players can also use real money to purchase apex packs.

Can you get an heirloom before 500 packs?

You can get lucky and have an heirloom drop before opening 500 packs but that’s a >1% chance.

Can you get bloodhound heirloom from packs?

Now that the event is over, you can only obtain the Bloodhound Heirloom Set by opening Apex Packs. … The shards will have the same drop rate as the previous system, so that after 500 Apex Packs, you will have enough Heirloom Shards to obtain an Heirloom set from the Heirloom shop.

Do you still get Apex packs after 100?

All players will be retroactively awarded any Apex Packs they should have received under this new system. For example, players who are currently level 100 will receive 14 Apex Packs when this system goes live. Players will now earn a new badge every 10 levels from 110 – 500.

What is the rarest item in Apex legends?

Heirloom weapons are a tier above legendary in Apex—the rarest of the rare items that cannot be crafted, and, up until today, could not be purchased.

How many packs does it take to get heirloom shards?

Heirloom Shards are found in Apex Packs, which are earned for ranking up or purchasable with real money. You only have a 1 in 500 chance of grabbing them though, but with each drop your shards are added to a total.

How many packs does it take to get heirloom?

Much like how you’re guaranteed a legendary cosmetic in every 30 Apex Crates you open, an heirloom set is guaranteed to drop once in every 500 crates. This means you could get it on your first or your 500th crate, but as long as you open 500 total crates, you are definitely going to get one heirloom set.

Do heirloom shards expire?

Heirloom shards do not expire!

Why do I never get heirloom shards?

You can try reaching out to the EA Help team so they can pull up your account, but in every case I’ve seen like this there just hasn’t been enough packs opened on the account to trigger the heirloom shards. If you keep opening packs you’ll get them once you hit 500.