Quick Answer: How Many Hours Is Game Of Thrones?

How many hours total is Game of Thrones?

That means watching each full-length episode would take you 63.5 hours, or the equivalent of two days, 15 hours and 30 minutes.

These totals do not include the “Previously on Game of Thrones” opening catch-up segments.

If you skip the closing credits, you can whittle that length down to 62.4 hours..

How long would it take to watch everything on Netflix?

As we all know, the library is always fluctuating with new arrivals and silent exits. Assuming no titles were added from its July selection, it would take you a grand total of 36,667 hours. Translated into everyday units of time that’s four years, two months, and eight days of non-stop binging.

Why is winter so long in Game of Thrones?

“If the planet got whacked by a giant meteorite every 10 years, it would then have winter for several years,” he says. … According to Westerosi lore, the Long Night was a winter that lasted a generation, with a darkness so complete that people never saw daylight.

What is the longest episode of Game of Thrones?

The ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 finale will be the longest episode in the show’s historyThe sixth episode of the season, “Beyond the Wall” was 71 minutes long.This isn’t the first time “Game of Thrones” has done long episodes, but “The Dragon and the Wolf” will be the longest.More items…•

What are the 5 longest running TV shows?

The 5 Longest-Running TV Shows of All TimeThe Simpsons. The Simpsons | Fox. … 2 (tie). Gunsmoke. … 2 (tie). Law & Order. … South Park. South Park | Comedy Central. … Law & Order: SVU. Law & Order: SVU | NBC.

Why should I watch Game of Thrones?

Game Of Thrones is based on really great writing. Martin weaves an incredibly complex story that encompasses thousands of miles, dozens of characters and a history that spans thousands of years. Yet, it’s easy to follow and just as compelling to read.

How long would it take to watch all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones?

To watch all 73 episodes from eight seasons of Game Of Thrones will take three days and 16 minutes, according to bingeclock.com.

How many hours is Gossip Girl in total?

Gossip GirlExecutive producer(s)Josh Schwartz Stephanie Savage Bob Levy Leslie Morgenstein John Stephens Joshua Safran (seasons 1–5) Sara Goodman (season 6)Production location(s)New York City (Manhattan and Brooklyn) Long Island East EndRunning time39–44 minutes23 more rows

What is the longest binge watch?

If you thought you had mastered the art of binge-watching TV, think again. A 25-year-old from Brooklyn, New York, has secured the Guinness World Record for the longest television binge-watching marathon this week, with a jaw-dropping 94 hours.

How do I binge watch Game of Thrones?

Watching Game of Thrones from the very beginning is pretty simple. HBO currently has all seven seasons available to subscribers on both HBO Go (for cable subscribers) and HBO Now online, through their respective device apps, or with an Amazon Prime Video + HBO subscription.

How long did it take to film Game of Thrones all seasons?

Although the conclusion consists of just six episodes, Thrones spent 10 months filming.

Why is Game of Thrones not on Netflix?

Because Game of Thrones is an HBO show, you can only stream it on HBO Go and HBO Now. … Fans are willing to make the investment in order to stream, whereas if Game of Thrones was available on Netflix, they might opt not to sign up for HBO altogether.

How can I watch all seasons of Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones aired on Sky and all eight seasons are currently available to watch on NOW TV. You can get a 7-day free trial for a NOW TV entertainment pass, after which it’s £8.99 per month. To watch all of Game of Thrones, you need the Entertainment Pass. The good news is NOW TV has a new 2 for 1 offer.

How many hours is Season 8 of Game of Thrones?

The first two episodes are, respectively, 54 and 58 minutes long, while the final four episodes of the series are all more than an hour in length—episode three is 82 minutes (making it the longest episode of the series), episodes four and five are each 78 minutes, and the final episode is 80 minutes.

How long are Game of Thrones episodes?

between 50 and 82 minutesEpisodes were broadcast on Sunday at 9:00 pm Eastern Time, and the episodes are between 50 and 82 minutes in length. All eight seasons are available on DVD and Blu-ray.

What is the longest TV series on Netflix?

10 Longest-Running Netflix Originals, Ranked3 The Ranch: 80 Episodes.4 Grace And Frankie: 78 Episodes. … 5 BoJack Horseman: 77 Episodes. … 6 Fuller House: 75 Episodes. … 7 House Of Cards: 73 Episodes. … 8 The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: 51 Episodes. … 9 13 Reasons Why: 49 Episodes. … 10 One Day At A Time: 46 Episodes. … More items…•

Is Game of Thrones worth rewatching?

It’s totally worth it. I recently watched game of thrones again and thoroughly enjoyed it. When you see game of thrones for the second time it will give you a much better perspective of the show and characters and you will see that there were a lot of things that you didn’t even notice the first time you watched it.

What is the shortest binge watch?

27 Short TV Shows You Can Binge-Watch In One SittingThe Society. Netflix. … Gentleman Jack. HBO. … What We Do in the Shadows. FX. … Dollface. Hulu. … Bonding. Netflix. … Pen15. Hulu. … High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Disney+ … Dirty John. Bravo.More items…•